Cape Cod Star Best of Cape Cod Basket

Cape Cod Star Basket

Whenever I sell a home, I make up a Best of Cape Cod Basket or a Cape Cod Star Basket. The items in this basket are a gift to my clients to thank them for trusting me to help them buy or sell a home. These items also represent my sharing with my clients of the businesses that I think are the best that we

Cape Cod Events-Farmers Markets Blackberrys

Cape Cod Farmers Markets Guide

There’s nothing like vegetables fresh from the garden. I grew up in South Alabama and I come from a long line of farmers and gardeners. My dad was famous for his tomatoes and turnips. When I lived in New Jersey, we were surrounded by some of the best farmers markets in the world and our weekly trek to the market was the highlight of our life in the summer and well into the fall.

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