Biddle Reeves (Reves) 1756 Artifact in Brewster Massachusetts

This is an artifact that we found when we moved into our new house here in Brewster, Massachusetts. It was located in the back garden amongst other stones that seemed to form an old foundation. The item seems to be a fired brick or ceramic piece. It is inscribed with the name of one Biddle Reeves or Reves and dated 1756. Our house is a historic one but only seems to date back to 1830 and the family name that owned the property at that point was Case. I believe the gentleman’s name was Ebenezer Case. When we bought the house, the Fiero family told us that the house was built in 1780.
We are posting this photo of the item to see if anyone else can help us solve this mystery.

  • How did this brick or ceramic end up here?
  • What does it have to do with this home which has different owner’s names and dates associated with it?
  • There is a Biddle Reeves alive at that time in South Jersey and a somewhat famous store owner from Philadelphia by that name. (see connections links below)
  • This house was the home of 2 generations of masons. Did this artifact come from some other site, some other Cape Cod home?
  • Is this artifact a fake?
  • The former names associated with this property are – Fiero, Ebenezer Case, and in 1830, there was an Elisha Blish that seems to have sold the property to the Case family.
  • Since the artifact was found amongst other stones that seemed to form a foundation or a wall, was there another home on this site previously?

Biddle Reeves: Google search results:
Biddle Reeves in South Jersey: Note, in this case, Mr Reeves signs his name with one E. as is signature on this artifact.
Estate of Thomas Reeves, father or Biddle:
Biddle Reeves 1756 Artifact 1

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