Cape Cod Coronavirus Memorial: Tribute to the Fallen

Are you just a number? Am I? Are you more than your birthdate? Are you more than your age? Are you more than your social security number? Are you only valuable because you are a part of a larger “more important” set of numbers/statistics: as in, you are part of the number of divorced women with children on Cape Cod or one of the number of men on Cape Cod that own their own business?

What of those people that have died early this year because of the pandemic? Are they only numbers? Did they do nothing in life becoming part of a dreadful statistic?


Every single person that has died this year because of the attack of this organism is important in their own right. Every one of them laughed, cried, struggled, overcame, failed, felt despair and utter joy: every one. This is our call to action. This is our new project:


We need your help. We need to know about your loved one, your neighbor, your co-worker that live here in this beautiful place that succumbed to the virus this year. We want to tell their story. We will take anything that helps to memorialize them: texts, emails, photos, videos, poems, paintings – anything.

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