Cape Cod Coronavirus Update: 1,538 Cases on June 30

June 30, 2020: There are now 1,538 confirmed cases of coronavirus/COVID-19 on Cape Cod according to the state of Massachusetts. This small increase of 114 new cases since the first of June is a triumph of good public health polity and smart practices that all of us as good citizens of Cape Cod have helped make possible. The one day total of new cases on Cape Cod was 3. This is the first day that we’ve updated our coronavirus feature in 30 days. Val and I have been busy with a huge site makeover and we just haven’t gotten back here to keep you updated and for that we are sorry.

Our local towns are relaxing their reporting on the virus as the crisis has let up somewhat. Some towns that religiously updated their pages every single day are now updating things every few days or every week. Our reporting table is emptying out at this point as we get fewer and fewer numbers. Falmouth has not posted an update now since last week and Barnstable has just made a report this morning, its first since the twenty-third. It’s an incredibly good report with only three new cases reported this week. See their graph below. It’s one to brag about, especially in light of the horrible conditions in Texas, Florida, and other states at this point.

Town of Barnstable Coronavirus Report

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advisory Information

A total of 376 residents of the Town of Barnstable have tested positive for COVID-19 to date. The chart below provides the number of positive cases reported per day in the Town of Barnstable during the time period from March 19, 2020 (the date of our first positive case) to July 1, 2020. The green line depicted on this graph is an attempt to show the reader where we are in regards to the “curve” by providing the average number of cases reported per day. During the past three weeks, there were a total of only four new positive COVID-19 cases reported; during most days there were no new cases reported.

A total of 1,538 residents of Barnstable County have tested positive for COVID-19. 144 residents of Barnstable County died from the virus to date. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported a total of 108,882 Massachusetts residents have tested positive for COVID-19; 8,054 Massachusetts residents died from the virus. In the United States, 2,636,538 persons contracted COVID-19 since February 2020. A total of 127,425 persons in the United States have died from the virus according to data received from the John Hopkins University website this morning.
Wednesday, July 1, 2020
A total of 914,646 persons were tested in Massachusetts for the virus. 11.9% of those tested found to be positive.

Falmouth Coronavirus Report

From the health director Scott McGann’s report, Falmouth has had 201 cases since March the first. 93% of cases are not in isolation at this point and 96% of all cases not including long term care are out of isolation. The town’s cases represent 13% of the total number of cases in the county, which is down from 23% in April.

Cape Cod Coronavirus Numbers

We update numbers that the town reports when we find an update on the town web site. Very often, there are differences in the number of cases that any town reports, compared with the state reports. See the key below the chart for more information on the symbols used. Today’s report is an abbreviated one and the only updated number below is the total on the bottom line. 

MunicipalityTown #State #DetailUpdate
Bourne154<10 act 6/11N/A
Falmouth201201see above6/26
Sandwich1029495 rcv/4 actv/3 dth6/24
1 actv/122 rcv/2 dth
Brewster10410387 ltcN/A
Provincetown29220 act/28 rcv/1 dth6/30

Please note: We have discontinued including the County’s town by town numbers because they are only available on the County heatmap. That was a great resource to begin with but so much complexity has been added to the map that it is basically unusable for our purposes.

Abbreviations and symbols on the table:

com=community spread
ltc=long term care

Cape Cod Coronavirus united-nations-covid-19--unsplash

Share Kindness Poster from the United Nations COVID-19 Response from Unsplash

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