Cape Cod Coronavirus Update: 2,761 Cases on November 24

There are now 2,761 confirmed cases of coronavirus/COVID-19 on Cape Cod as of yesterday. This is the total number of confirmed cases since the beginning of the crisis. There were 70 new cases discovered yesterday. Here is the latest graphic from John Hopkins and some reports from towns around the Cape that have posted updates recently. Barnstable County does report higher numbers as they take into account probable cases, which pushes the number to 3,178.

Jhu Covid 19 Dashboard Infographic V3.9 Jt

There is a discrepancy between the numbers from the state and from John Hopkins. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health COVID-19 Dashboard has the number of new cases yesterday at 70, while John Hopkins has it at 31. The overall number of cases is about the same: 2761/2691.

Bourne Coronavirus Report

Bourne has had an incredibly hard time with COVID-19 and with reporting on the status of the virus, but the town has made huge progress. In the beginning of the pandemic, the town never seemed to have good information on their website about the prevalence of the virus in the community. Today, when we visited the site, there is a marvelous new Coronavirus dashboard that is updated weekly. Congratulations, Bourne, good job.

Bourne Covid 19 Dashboard

Bourne is reporting 38 positive tests in the past 14 days according to MDPH (Massachusetts Department of Public Health) and 282 total cases since the pandemic began.

Falmouth Coronavirus Report

Falmouth reports 34 positive tests over the last 14 days and a total of 339 total cases. Here’s an update from Falmouth Health Agent Scott McGann, who does an outstanding job of making the relevant numbers come alive. Read more on the health department’s COVID-19 page.

Sandwich Coronavirus Update

Sandwich has been diligent and exceptionally good at releasing good information from the beginning of the pandemic. Their chosen medium for releasing that advice and information is in their PSA videos. The town reports 27 positive tests over the last 14 days and a historical number of 168 cases. Read more here.

In the video, there’s a great discussion between Sandwich Health Department Director Dave Mason and Sandwich Fire Department Chief, John Burke on the new Cape Cod Coronavirus testing sites coming online in the next few weeks.

Mashpee Coronavirus Update

Mashpee reports 17 positive tests in the past 14 days and 115 cases total. Mashpee does not post much information online about the virus in their community but instead refer residents and visitors to Barnstable County and the state of Massachusetts websites. This has been their policy since the beginning of this crisis.

Town of Barnstable Coronavirus Update

Town Of Barnstable Covid 19 Chart November 2020

The town of Barnstable reports 156 positive tests in the past 14 days and 712 total. This represents a 5.41 % positivity percentage rate, which is the highest on Cape Cod. Looking at the chart above you can see the steady increase in the curve that is quite disturbing.

Town Manager Mark Ellis delivers an informative update in this update from the town.

Highlights of the last update include this:

“The latest MA DPH  weekly report identifies the Town of Barnstable as a moderate risk (yellow) community.   For more information, you may visit this web page:  Cape Cod Healthcare reports eight (8) Covid-19 positive cases are being treated in the hospital this morning; six at Cape Cod Hospital (CCH) and two at Falmouth Hospital.   There is one Covid-19 patient in the intensive care unit.”

Read more on the town site.

Yarmouth Coronavirus Update

Yarmouth reports 53 new positive tests in the past 14 days and 204 total according to the state report from yesterday. The town website has slightly different numbers: 60 active cases and 257 cases total, and 194 recoveries. See more on the Yarmouth Covid page.

Dennis Coronavirus Update

Dennis reports 9 positive tests in the past 14 days and 135 total. The town of Dennis does not post updates on test numbers or recovered cases online. There is no local information, only links to pages maintained by the state of Massachusetts. See the town’s COVID-19 page here for more information.

Brewster Coronavirus Update

Brewster reports 3 positive tests in the past 14 days and 148 (town numbers) total. Of those 148, 98 were in long-term care homes.

The town posts regular updates on their site and useful advice for residents and visitors.

Harwich Coronavirus Update

Harwich reports 11 positive tests in the past 14 days and 188 total. Harwich reports their local information on the virus on their Selectmen meetings online. Harwich Health Director, Meggan Eldredge makes periodic updates for the meetings. In her report from yesterday, there were 5 additional positive tests and 2 more on Tuesday afternoon for a total of 195 cases. They are tracking 17 active cases, which is a record for the community.

There is a positivity rate of 5.7% and unfortunately this time it is not limited to long-term care facilities. The relevant section of the video is from 1:42 to 9:55.

Chatham Coronavirus Update

Chatham reports 7 new positive tests in the past 14 days and 49 total. This message from town manager Jill Goldsmith is beautifully stated:

“When we wear a mask every time we
are in a public place, indoors or outdoors, we help keep that number low. When we respect
the physical space of others and stay 6 feet
away from people who do not live in our
households, we help to keep that number low. When we make the sacrifice of not gathering with large groups of family members and friends for the holidays, we help to keep that number low.”

As we face the holidays, this message couldn’t be better or more timely.

Orleans Coronavirus Update

Orleans reports 1 positive case in the last 14 days and 24 since the beginning of the pandemic. The town website has the number at 35, which includes probable cases. Orleans updates their numbers regularly but the amount of information on their town site is limited.

Eastham Coronavirus Update

Eastham reports 4 new positive tests over the last 14 days and 25 total. The town page has the number at 28 as of today, November 25, 2020.

Wellfleet Coronavirus Update

Wellfleet reports 5 positive tests over the last 14 days with 13 total cases. Those numbers are from the state.

Truro Coronavirus Update

Truro reports no new cases over the last 14 days and 14 cases total.

Provincetown Coronavirus Update

Provincetown reports 0 positive tests over the last 14 days and 32 cases total.

Cape Cod Coronavirus COVID-19 Testing Map

Cape Cod Covid 19 Testing Sites Map

More to come, later today.

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