Cape Cod Coronavirus Update: 820 Cases on April 28

There are now 820 confirmed cases of Coronavirus/COVID-19 on Cape Cod according to the state of Massachusetts numbers that are reported daily.
The weekly numbers for each town on the Cape are reported every Wednesday by the state and tend to be more reliable than some of the reports released by the town health departments. In our table below, find numbers for the number of reported cases for each town. For some columns, there are state numbers (*s#) and town numbers (*t#) and in some cases, there are numbers for the number of people who have recovered from the virus and the number of deaths.
Please note, there are differences in the number of cases that a town reports, and the numbers that show up on the weekly state reports. To make things even more complicated than that, Cape Cod Healthcare numbers are another set of numbers that don’t always align with either set of numbers. See the key below the chart for more information on the symbols used.

Cape Cod Coronavirus by Town

Town on the Cape# of CasesOther #’s
Sandwich^61/50 rcv/9 actv^2 deaths
Yarmouth^65^2 deaths
Brewster^86/64 *s#
Eastham^8/5 rcv/3 actv
Truro98 rcv/1 actv
Provincetown^28/18 *s#^25 rcv/2 actv/1 dth

Notes and a key to symbols on the chart:

  • town # taken from the weekly state report (4/22/2020) unless marked with ^
  • actv=active
  • rcv=recovered
  • dth=death
  • *s#=state number

Cape Cod Coronavirus Image - amin-moshrefi-unsplash
Image by Photo by Amin Moshrefi on Unsplash

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