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Our Cape Cod Coronavirus page is an archive page that was updated almost every day during the height of the crisis. Now that things have calmed down, for now, the page serves as a reminder of how intense the crisis was in our communities on the Cape.

This page is our news hub for the Coronavirus and COVID-19 pandemic on Cape Cod. We publish the official Barnstable and Massachusetts numbers every afternoon during the week. Every Wednesday, we publish the number of confirmed cases in every town on the Cape when the state releases the information. This revolutionizes how we report the numbers and give us all a much better idea of the prevalence of the virus in our communities.

In terms of Cape Cod, many towns have been reluctant to publish the number of Coronavirus cases in their community. The weekly report from the state makes this information much more readily available and usable. It is great to finally have reliable information. For instance, until mid-April, Bourne reported that it had only one case. Later it was revealed that the town had 83 cases. Dennis which was showing 17, actually had 26 cases. Harwich had admitted to 2 cases, actually had 29 cases. Orleans had only reported 1 confirmed case when the actual number was 9 cases.

There are other discrepancies where the state is reporting lower actual numbers than the town is. Today, we are not adjusting these numbers. We will wait and see what those numbers are in the next report.

Click here to see the full report from April 20, 2020. It is a Word document.

When this crisis began, we hoped we would never have to update this page and the numbers, but unfortunately, that didn’t last long. The number grows day by day. The situation changes constantly as this virus is exceptionally aggressive.

It is rather odd however that some towns, like Falmouth and Barnstable, make daily updates, with great detail, while others like Bourne, Dennis, and Harwich make once a week updates on the numbers of cases in their community. I am not trying to say that I have the right to know the street address of any person that has tested positive, but I do feel that as a community, we all have the right to know how prevalent the virus is in the place that we live. Can anyone tell me why this is NOT a good idea? I’m no health expert but I just don’t understand the rationale for this policy.

Cape Cod Coronavirus Cases

Archived Report from April 17, 2020:

Town on the Cape# of Cases
Sandwich52/30 recovered/22 active
Truro9/8 recovered/1 active
Provincetown24/22 recovered/1 active/1 death

Check these pages for more information on Coronavirus in our local communities

Check these pages for more information on Coronavirus in our local communities

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There is great hope however if we all do our part to defeat this beast. In this new, very scary universe that we live in, we all need testing. The Coronavirus is a challenge to our entire human race to overcome our own selfishness, pride, and ignorance. We must all be as smart, as resourceful, patient, loving and careful as we possibly can be.

Today, we are starting a new project. We will create sections for every town on the Cape for the latest news from each community.

Final Thoughts

Keep us with us on Twitter and leave us a comment below to let us know how you’re living through this crisis.

The Cape Cod Events Calendar is our service to the community and it pains us to put it on the back burner. It is, however, all that we can do. All of our museums and cultural institutions are closed and there are no events for now. We look forward to their grand reopening and to the filling up of our calendar again.

Stay safe and stay strong my fellow Capers!

Stay safe and stay strong my fellow Capers!

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