Cape Cod Garden Walk: Spring – 5-23-2020

Gardening is part of our life here on Cape Cod and right now it is an even bigger part of our life as we deal with the Coronavirus pandemic and our need to isolate ourselves to stay safe. We’ve been attempting to keep you informed with the latest news on the crisis on Cape Cod and this is an attempt to help us all deal with the crisis – by celebrating the things that have not changed and that are still beautiful. Gardening and flowers, herbs, and vegetables are a joy to grow, observe, and care for.

Cape Cod Garden Walk: Volume 1

Featured in this Cape Cod Garden Walk:

  • Kwanzan Cherry: Ornamental cherry tree – our grand old lady is enormous. She’s the star of our garden and at this time of year, she’s an ever-changing source of entertainment. She explodes into a riot of pink in early spring to be followed by another phase that turns everything pink within 100 feet. This dancing shower of pink is simply amazing.
  • Cherry blossom bouquet growing directly on one of the larger branches.
  • Hostas in the aforementioned sea of pink with the grape hyacinths just coming to the end or their performance for this year.
  • Wonderful rhododendron in shades of pink.
  • Our new rock garden star is in full flower and replacing our sedum that keeps leaving home for greener/rockier pastures. I am sorry, I forgot his name but he is stunning.
  • A new iris this year: Leona Pearl. This one was chosen because Val (resident master gardener) had an aunt by that same outdated/wonderful/vintage name.
  • Another new iris that we don’t think we ordered in purple and yellow.
  • Marvelous new lilac tree in full bloom from our photographer friend Doris Gage-West.
  • Chives in full bloom: Prettier than they are tasty, unfortunately.
  • Columbine: They are such wonderful little ladies.

We hope that you enjoy this new feature and if you want to share beauties from your garden, just drop us a line.

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