Cape Cod Landmark Photos

Photos of the Nobska Lighthouse by Cape Cod Star are shown above and below. The lighthouse was once the site for small wedding ceremonies. It is not at present. The site is either being sold or turned over to a group of volunteers. Nobska Lighthouse, Cape Cod Winter: Offseason, March 2016 from our winter in Cape Cod page.

Cape Cod Events-Nobska Lighthouse Sunset
Southeast Massachusetts Events site: Highland Light - North Truro Massachusetts

Photo of the Highland Light by Asilverstein It is their own work, and it is published under a Creative Commons license. (CC BY-SA 3.0) The lighthouse is, for our purposes on this events page, most importantly, the site for the annual Ocean to Bay 5 Mile Run/Walk.

Higgins Farm Windmill in Drummer Boy Park in Brewster, Massachusetts

Photo of the Higgins Farm Windmill in Brewster, Massachusetts by Asilverstein. It is their own outstanding work, and it is published under a Creative Commons license. (CC BY-SA 3.0) The windmills, at Drummer Boy Park, are the site of numerous events all year long, hosted by the Brewster Historical Society. The society is probably one of the most active historical organizations on Cape Cod due to the list of events scheduled for this summer.

In order to make the photograph work for our site, we cropped the image and adjusted the color to better fit our aesthetic.

Cape Cod Events-Chatham Lighthouse
Chatham Lighthouse is one of the most iconic images of the Cape
Cape Cod Events Cultural Center-Front View
The Cultural Center of Cape Cod is an outstanding institution for the arts on the Cape. It is located on Old Main Street in South Yarmouth.
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