Best Cape Cod Weddings

Our best Cape Cod weddings feature continues, today, February 24, 2020. We’ve done these features before many times but never for Cape Cod or Massachusetts. It all started decades ago when we wrote a simple little story about some of our favorite wedding venues in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. That feature was very popular and it led us to write the most popular feature that we’ve ever done, the one on The Best NJ Weddings.

To begin, we’ll make some nominations of possible venues that we’re considering and ask you for your input. Please leave a comment below and let us know what your favorites are. Nominate your own if you want, but just let us know that it is yours. We will consider all suggestions and we will end up with several types of feature stories. Future story ideas include – best intimate, beach, inexpensive, and rustic weddings.

Here are our first nominations for the Best Cape Cod Weddings: Venues

  • Wequassett Resort, Harwich: The Wequassett is an elegant venue with stunning views of Pleasant Bay. The Wequassett opened in 1925 but some of the key buildings here date to the 1700s.
  • Chatham Bars Inn, Chatham: The Inn is a wonderful historic inn overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. CBI opened in 1914 as a hunting lodge for wealthy Bostonians. It has recently undergone a $100 million dollar renovation.
  • Sea Crest Beach Hotel, East Falmouth: Sea Crest offers weddings on the beach overlooking Buzzard’s Bay. Opened as the “Latin Quarter” in 1942. This 21.6-acre beachside resort features 266 rooms.
  • Wychmere Beach Club, Harwich Port: The Wychmere features an unparalleled nautical style on Nantucket Sound. The resort dates back to 1892 when it was known as the Snow Inn. New owners came on in 2010 renovating the 20-acre property.
  • Ocean Edge Resort, Brewster: Ocean Edge is a historic estate offering ballroom or beach weddings on the bay. The Nickerson Mansion, the heart of the resort, was built in 1906. The resort today is one of the largest on the Cape at 429 acres.

Also, if you have ideas for more stories, let us know. We would love to do some features on Cape Cod photographers, florists, bakers, and more.