Brewster Condos

[vc_row full_width=”stretch_row”][vc_column width=”2/3″][vc_column_text]Brewster Condos: Maintenance-free condominium living in Brewster, Massachusetts
Brewster, Massachusetts has eleven condominium developments. Each has their own unique feel. There are hundreds of condos here with a style, size and price range for almost anyone in the market for a home or vacation rental. You’ll find small studios, one-level patio homes, and two-story townhouses at Ocean Edge. At other developments like Sea Pines, you’ll find luxurious million dollar condos with a private beach on Cape Cod Bay.
Ocean Edge has the largest number of Brewster condos with over 800 units in the Villages and on the bayside near the mansion. This enormous development covers over 425 acres and is made up of smaller villages, each with their own distinct character. The villages of Ocean Edge are Allerton, Billington, Chilton, Eaton, Edinborough, Endicott, Fletcher, Howland, Middlecott, Susanna, and Trevor. On the bay side, there are more villages. They are Fieldstone, Mariner Court, Nickerson, Ocean Edge Drive, and Spicebush.
The resort owns quite a few of the units at Ocean Edge. Some of the corporate-owned villages are Arbor, Britterige and some units in Fletcher, Edinborough, and Endicott.
There are other developments like Nickerson Park Condos, The Colony, Oakwood, Sears Point and Sea Pines. In the past few years, Brewster condos have sold for as little as $90,000.00 and as much as $1,300,000.00.
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