Cape Cod Star Basket

Whenever I sell a home, I make up a Best of Cape Cod Basket or a Cape Cod Star Basket. The items in this basket are a gift to my clients to thank them for trusting me to help them buy or sell a home. These items also represent my sharing with my clients of the businesses that I think are the best that we have to offer.

Here are the components that are always a part of any basket that I make and these businesses are future winners of Cape Cod Star Awards.

Chicken Pot Pie from Marion’s Pie Shop

I know that Cape Cod has a famous chicken pot pie endorsed by Oprah herself, but it is not my favorite. This pie is. There is no better crust on any pie in the world than this one. It is rich, buttery, soft, yet firm and unctuous. The pie is stuffed with juicy all-white-meat chicken and ours always with vegetables. It comes with white gravy. The small pie is a full dinner for two. Just pair with a nice salad and enjoy. This small pie is about $10.00. Marion’s Pie Shop is a Cape Cod Star Nominee.

Chocolate Truffles from Hot Chocolate Sparrow

I love my chocolates and I have favorite chocolatiers all over America, but on Cape Cod, nobody does it better than the Sparrow. The overall characteristics of price, quality, variety, and customer service are better than any chocolatier we know of. We give their little boxes away as thank you gifts all the time and for the holidays we spend a fortune there to tell our friends how much they mean to us. We love this company and their product. The Hot Chocolate Sparrow is a Cape Cod Star Nominee.

Wine, beer, snacks and more from Luke’s Liquors

Luke’s is one of the best things about living on the Cape. Their outrageous selection and their incredibly low prices are the best we’ve ever experienced. The staff at Luke’s is always helpful, courteous, and efficient. When you need help, they are there to recommend a new wine or a special beer. When you are shopping for the holidays or for a basket, they always have a selection of treats and trinkets that make the perfect stocking stuffer or basket filler. Luke’s Cape Cod is a Cape Cod Star Nominee.

Jellies and Produce from Hart Farm Nursery

Hart Farm Nursery is such an integral part of the Mid and Lower Cape. We don’t know how we would survive without them. We love them in every season and miss them terribly when they do close, but in the summer they carry a magnificent selection of fresh produce at good prices. They also carry a wide selection of plants, jellies, pots, and gardening products that we use to help fill out our baskets. Hart Farm Nursery is a Cape Cod Star Nominee.

As you can see, not all of these products are made here. But they are all sourced here. The tomatoes are from our garden, and the other items come from local farms in Brewster. The guinea hen eggs and blackberries are from a charming little farm on Great Fields Road that I’ve stupidly forgotten the name of.

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