Cape Cod Color Blocking: Out of Chaos towards greater creativity

I am an entrepreneur, an artist, a realtor, a web developer, artist, and gig worker. I am extremely creative, but not always good at keeping a schedule, staying focused, or following up on ideas. I’ve always struggled with organization. I still do. When I moved to Cape Cod, I embraced my love of real estate and I added that to my list of skills and passions. This has created a situation where I have had to learn some hard lessons. I have had to come down to the realization that to be true to everything that I am, that I have to devote some time to my creative side, to my ideas that neve stop, to my art that feeds my soul and to my family life. With all of these interests and my tendency to only do one thing at a time, my life was unbalanced and chaotic and ripe for change.

Recently I listened to a Zoom presentation from the Cape Cod & the Islands Association of Realtors on time management where the organizer spoke of thinking about your day in terms of 480 minutes, not eight hours. She suggested ordering your life into small blocks of time rather than huge blocks organized by the day. I immediately went to my calendar while she was speaking and starting doing some color-blocking on my calendar to see if I could come up with a way of doing a little bit every day with all of my interests. The result is shown above. It has worked wonders for my productivity and sanity.

Here are some resources and articles that have helped me:

9 Tips to Gain Control of Your Real Estate Clients and Get Your Life Back – I have made some new rules for my life and my clients. I’ve started blocking in my real estate hours and limiting them. I have new rules now. I do NOT take calls after 6:00 pm and I have informed all of my clients that I am happy to work with them 7 days a week, but if they need me after six, I will get back to them in the morning.

Time Management - Valerie Garcia 480 Minutes Image

Valerie Garcia  on time management Val is amazing. Her concepts are clear and simple and revolutionary at the same time. She also has transformed my mornings. She suggested that we could all benefit from starting our day with something positive. She had to do this for one of her previous jobs and she absolutely hated it. She would dread having to come up with something every day to tell the group to start off the work day. Over time she changed. Her days were revolutionized and she became a much more productive employee and contributor to the team.

For me, this simple suggestion has made a huge difference in the morning routine at my house. I no longer start the day with a steady diet of news, gloom and doom. I start with a reflection with my partner on creative endeavors, our garden, a review of our wonderfully wacky dreams, a hug, anything as long as it gets us started down the right path!

Photo by XiaoXiao Sun on Unsplash

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