2020 Fellows Exhibition

Cape Cod Events-Spring PAAM Afternoon

2020 Fellows Exhibition

The 2020 FAWC Visual Arts Fellows

The Provincetown Art Association and Museum is thrilled to host the current fellows at the Fine Arts Work Center for their annual exhibition. This year’s fellows are Johannes James Barfield, Coady Brown, Raul De Lara, Akiko Jackson, Anina Major, Hannah E. Morris, Pat Phillips, Antonius-Tín Bui, Jake Troyli, and Autumn Wallace.

Joy Priest, 2019-2020 Fine Arts Work Center Poetry Fellow and author of HORSEPOWER (U of Pittsburgh Press, Fall 2020) writes: “This year’s FAWC Visual Fellows—Johannes, Coady, Raul, Akiko, Anina, Hannah, Pat, Antonius, Jake, and Autumn—are a generous and vibrant group. During the moments they’ve shared with me in collaboration or friendship, I’ve recognized a tendency to transcend fixed spaces and theories in which their art might be placed, and, instead, create a singular space in which they might be more deeply seen. In this cross-sectional display, you will see artists as fluid in practice as they are in background: some with MFAs and CVs, and some with hundreds of cargo trains canvasses under their belt; some who scavenge, and some who build workshops in their workshop; some who sit in the same spot for hours with brush-in-hand and spasm-in-neck, and some who work in a mad scientist multimedia volley. Forget what you know about the schools you think they represent. As you walk through this show, pay them the deep sight and attention their work deserves.”

The Fine Arts Work Center

The Fine Arts Work Center offers a unique residency for writers and visual artists in the crucial early stages of their careers. Located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, an area with a long history as an arts colony, the Work Center provides seven-month Fellowships to twenty Fellows each year in the form of living/workspace and a modest monthly stipend. Residencies run from October 1 through April 30. Fellows have the opportunity to pursue their work independently in a diverse and supportive community of peers.

The admission is 12.50. Free for PAAM members and guests 16 and under

The event is ongoing.

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