Pablo Picasso’s Muses

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Pablo Picasso’s Muses


Pablo Picasso was a genius who created art for over 75 years.  He was able to work in a variety of media, making pieces that have become iconic works of art.   He has been called the ‘greatest artist since Rembrandt,’and  is credited with changing the face of modern art forever. 

By far the most generous of the Paris artists of his day, he kept a number of poorer friends in funds with gifts of his works.  However, his largesse did not always extend to his wives, lovers or dependents.  In coordination with Women’s History Month, we will meet the women who were his ‘muses’ – and examine more closely how his life and artistic endeavors were affected by them, and how their connection with him affected their own lives

This program was made possible by a grant from Mass Cultural Council.

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