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Recently, I have been thinking a lot about what is going to happen to the real estate market on Cape Cod since that is how I earn most of my money. I’ve run across quite a few good articles and this blog post is just to share with you what I have found.

Bank of America is projecting that home prices will go down instead of rising as they had predicted earlier. They are predicting that prices will fall by about 2.3% and bottom out in April of 2021.  Read more: Business Insider forecast

Screenshot of a home to be built at Maritime Landing, a high-end development of 28 homes in the heart of Dennis. These homes should go quickly with the amenities that are included with each one, the size of the homes, and the location which is simply incomparable. Anyone that buys here will be able to walk to all the businesses that make Dennis such a great town.

This article from Forbes predicts five trends that will drive the market as we come out of the pandemic and the lockdown. It’s an interesting read and it’s a really positive take on our current situation.

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The writer predicts an increase in the price of new construction and a lot of upscaling going on as a result of people having been confined to their homes. She says that this will drive people to want more out of the place they live.

I am a realtor. I’m with Cape Cod Star Realty and Startpoint. I would love to help you with any questions you have about the Cape Cod market or about great communities and neighborhoods on the Cape.

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