John Bruce: Listed American Artist, Western Art Lithograph

This print is a lithograph by famous American Artist, John Bruce. The print measures 21.25 X 24 (paper size) and approximately 20 X 22 (image size). The print does show some shading from the original mat, but otherwise, it seems to be in good condition. The colors are strong and the paper is in good shape with no tears or folds.
Our photo shows the piece unframed, but we will include the frame with the print if you would like it. We will, however, ship it without the glass so that it arrives in great shape.
Here are 2 photos of the signature and of the print number, which is 225/325.
John Bruce Signature
John Bruce Litho number
We are selling this print for $300.00. Shipping is extra.

2 thoughts on “John Bruce: Listed American Artist, Western Art Lithograph”

    1. Cape Cod Stargazer

      Greetings! Sorry, it has taken me so long to get back with you. I am still looking for a painting by John Bruce for sale online. I cannot seem to find one. I have however found two prints similar to this one for sale for around $300.00 each. Here is one: and here is the other one:\
      I will let you know if I find more.
      John Stringfellow

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