Crowes Pasture Conservation Area & Beach

Fast Facts

  • Dates: Year round
  • ORV Visitor Sticker/Pass: $300.00 season
  • Resident Sticker/Pass: $150.00 season
  • Off Season ORV Sticker: $100.00
  • First come-first served. No guaranteed spot
  • No cookouts
  • Pets: with leash in season
  • Northside Beach: on Cape Cod Bay
  • The Flats: formed by sandbars, see at low-tide
  • Shallow: Perfect for families with small children
  • No lifeguards: at Bay Beaches
  • Parking spaces: 47 – numerous parking lots
  • Access: pedestrian trails and ORV trails

What makes Crowes Pasture unique?

Crowes Pasture is a wilderness area that allows off-road vehicles with stunning New England landscapes, forest trails, and long stretches of rocky beaches that are unlike anything else on Cape Cod. It is not easy to get here and that is as it should be. If they made it any easier, it would be mobbed. Parts of the beach are protected with large boulders that prevent vehicles from entering certain areas.

The origin of the name is unknown. It is hilariously however that the first day that we were there the trees were filled with a cavorting murder of crows playing tag, playing with their prey. We only have a few photos of this Cape Cod treasure at this point because it was dreadfully windy and cold the day we discovered it. We will be back.

The Flats of Brewster and Dennis are formed by a sandbar that makes what I call a shallow swimming pool. Parents can relax and let the little ones splash around in the surf without being overtaken by gigantic waves. Disclaimer, you know you’ve always got to watch them though, you never know what they’re going to get into. At low tide, the flats become a playground for amateur oceanographers, big, small, young, and old. The array of sea life that one can observe here is magnificent and always changing. You’ll find tidal pools, clam beds, oyster farms, seaweed, marsh grass, small collectible stones, huge boulders, and more. The flats also make for dramatic photos at sundown as the tides make for rippled, wavy patterns in the sand that collect water and reflect back the amazing colors of the setting sun.

Crowes Pasture is a cooperative conservation project by the town of Dennis, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund, The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, and the Massachusetts Self-Help Program. It is a Land Bank Project.

Crowes Pasture Photos

Crowes Pasture Resource Pages

Cole’s Pond at Crowes Pasture

Map of Crowes Pasture

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