Painting Again 2.0, The beginning of the iPhone Series

It has been a couple of weeks since I posted last and a lot has happened. My first piece is now on display in PTown and it is part of the auction, and it has actually gotten bids. I am elated. What is more exciting is that I have completed my second painting and I am working on 3 or 4 more. It has been a long time coming.

iPhone Series: #2 Impressions of a Daffodil, 040917@310PM
Brewster in Bloom: Acrylic Paint on panel

Here is my new painting of a daffodil. It is the second in the iPhone series. It is titled: “iPhone Series #2, Impressions of a Daffodil, 040917@310PM (see: This entire series has the common theme of moments of beauty that have been captured on my iPhone as life rolls on and images, memories, and moments pile up. Some things stick in our heads and in our lives and we keep coming back to them. These are the moments that I am sharing with you now. Each painting exists in its own right but also in the larger world with an electronic/digital counterpart.
This new series delivers impressions of scenes of life, not illustrations, not exact replicas, just feelings, impressions, dynamic paintings where things are a bit fuzzy, not perfect, and not finished, as life is – never finished really, always moving and always changing.

This piece is for sale for $800.00. It measures 19.5 inches square. Contact me below if you would like more information.

My new website is It is just getting started. My posts about each new painting and my feelings about art will appear here on and on the new site.

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