Painting Again!

It has truly been decades since I’ve painted, but this week, I changed that. On Tuesday, Val and drove up to deliver our entries to the Provincetown Museum Association and Museum for their upcoming member’s exhibition, 12 X 12.

Cape Cod Events-Painting Hurry John Stringfellow

Update: The Auction is LIVE and the bidding has begun. Visit the Museum site auction site here. A $5.00 registration fee is required.

Val has been painting quite earnestly for the past few years since he retired, but I have been resisting the urge to paint and focusing on making money and selling homes and meeting new clients. I decided a couple of weeks ago, that I could not wait to paint any longer. One can only make excuses for so long before you stop believing your own intentions and motives.

Above is my first painting is about 40 years. Yes, I know how old that makes me and yes, that is a sobering thought. What happened to all those years and all those decades? The painting is entitled, “iPhone Series #1 Impressions of a Sunset at Boat Meadow Landing, 042117@736PM“. It is based on an iPhone photo that I took at this location at 7:36 pm on April 21st of this year. The location is Boat Meadow Landing in Eastham on Cape Cod Bay. Val and I were coming home from a trip up the Cape and noticed that the sky was turning that shade that precedes something magical, so we drove for the bay and discovered the scene in front of you. This post ( will show you the actual live iPhone photo/video moment as another sun worshiper is hurriedly getting out of their car to capture the moment themselves.

Cape Cod Events-Painting Bfly Boy

Here is Val’s entry for the show. This is an experiment for him. He has been doing gigantic portraits for some time now and this is a real departure for him.

Just so you know, the show will continue through August the 25th and there is a live auction of the pieces from the show online. (link is coming when the auction goes live) With our pieces, half of the money will go to us and the other half will go to the museum. The bidding starts at $125.00.

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