Sundae School

Sundae School is an ice cream stand in Dennis Port in the mid Cape region of Cape Cod. The school makes their own ice cream and it is available at other retailers on the Cape. They have been named one of the best ice cream spots in the United States by Food and Wine Magazine and they have been in business since 1976.

Some of the flavors of ice cream that they offer include ginger, pistacchio, cookie dough, Creamsicle, Kahlua Chip, coco-almond chip, frozen pudding, maple walnut, chocolate almond, orange pineapple, peach, strawberry and peppermint candy.

They are also famous for their sundaes with toppings like fresh blueberries, fresh peach, spiced hot apple, fresh cranberries, fresh local raspberries, and traditional favorites like hot fudge, fresh strawberry and hot butterscotch.

Sundaes at the School
Sundae School Ice Cream Memories – Is that 1967 or 72?
July 4th favorites at Sundae School
Eat it fast!

Photo by Kelsey Curtis on Unsplash

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